Mould Boxes

Coote Finlay manufacture a range concrete block moulds to produce hollow, solid and insulation blocks.

Interchangeable Solid & Hollow Block Moulds manufactured with Hardox Steel for strength and durability. Each block machine in the Coote Finlay range has the capacity to produce both solid and hollow building blocks in a variety of sizes, to suit market requirements. Coote Finlay heavy duty, high frequency interchangeable mould vibrators with variable amplitude, Suitable for all hollow and solid blocks.

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  • Types of Blocks

    Typical Block Block Type Block Info Produced By
    Typical Block Typical Block Solid Block Solid blocks are a dense aggregate block that can be utilised in a variety of building projects that demand durability and strength. F44
    Typical Block Typical Block Hollow Block / Cavity Block Can be used for the construction of high strength retaining walls, for external walls, cavity walls and partition walls. F44
    Typical Block Insulated Block Thermal Blocks are made up of two regular weight concrete exteriors sandwiching a polystyrene core. The insulation decreases energy consumption within the building, which is typical concrete on all sides. F24C
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