Mobile Concrete Block Making Machines for the African Market

Posted On: July 28, 2022

With the global concrete block and brick making industry being valued at around $339,597.7 million in 2020, and is expected to reach $588,151.8 million by 2030, there is no shortage of demand for the popular construction product. But how are companies producing them? There are two options, static block making machines, or mobile block making machines. Here at Coote Finlay, we produce the worlds best mobile block making machinery and equipment and this blog is going to show you why they are perfect for the African market.

  1. Industry

Because of the numerous advantages, including the availability of natural resources, enormous investment opportunities in energy and infrastructure, affordable labour, and a rapidly expanding consumer market, the African construction industry is the preferred destination for the majority of large economies. The nation’s supportive economic development policies, growing commodity prices, ongoing success in the battle against corruption, and the adoption of democratic governments all contribute to a positive business environment.

  1. Weather

It is no secret what Africa is know for when it comes to weather, heat. Heat can be both a good and bad things when it comes to concrete block making as it aids the curing process. Although too much heat can dry the blocks out to quick, the majority of Africa is perfect for curing the concrete blocks in a time that speeds up the production process. Not only this, but the environment has plenty of open and flat surfaces that make it ideal for laying blocks on a mobile block machine.

  1. Supply

As we mentioned before, Africa is one of the most abundant continents in the world for natural resources. With aggregate in readily supply, and concrete blocks in high demand, you really can’t complain!

  1. Reliable long-term investments

With the lifespan of todays machines being up to and even over 20 years, it makes Finlay block making machines an excellent long-term investment. With the costs of purchasing and machine, aggregate and labour, it can be scary to move into the market, but don’t let it put you off. With the construction industry already one of the largest industries across the globe and forecasts displaying future growth, the production of concrete blocks is becoming more and more profitable. Putting the potential earnings to the side, the concrete block making market is currently unsaturated with lots of room for growth, don’t be too late.

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