What to look for when buying concrete block making machinery and equipment

Posted On: August 9, 2022

With options coming from all over the world, there is a range of block making machines of all types. With both static and mobile block making machines available, it is important to calculate the production goals for the business and make an executive decision as to what suits the company best. This blog offers four key areas that must be considered when buying concrete block making machinery and equipment.


Aftersales Care

With the sale of larger more complex and costly machinery, you want to ensure that the company you choose offer good after sales care. There will always be certain aspects of the machine that need set up or adjusted to suit the specific products that you are making. If a company offers great after sales care, they will allow you to contact them with questions or advice on the components of the machine and what will make it run a smooth as possible. After sales care also means follow ups on how the machine is doing and if making sure that the customer is satisfied with what they have been provided.


Spare Parts

No matter what large machine you buy, with constant use with construction components, spare parts will be needed eventually. Having somewhere that offers a readily supply of parts is important. There are alternative places that would often offer spares for machines however ideally, they will come from the machine supplier. When coming from the machine supplier, we know they will be able to guarantee a direct match to your machine. It is always recommended to use authentic parts within your machine to avoid any issues down the line with cheaper parts which may not be as high of quality.



A large aspect when investing large amounts of money is trust. You must be able to trust the company you buy from. This may be through the sales representative who may know you personally, sold to a friend or relative, or may be able to make promises on the machine which suit your goals. Trust can also come through reputation. Large companies with global brands are often given trust automatically as it is known that thousands of customers have used the organisation before and been happy with the service.


Global Commissioning & Training

Being able to provide commissioning and training services may not be important to everyone, but if you don’t have a full working knowledge of the machine, they can be extremely beneficial. Commissioning a machine when it is first sent out gives the buyer an opportunity to ask questions they may not have thought of before. Commissioning a new machine also gives the company a chance to display the set up of the machine and demonstrate the appropriate setting for the type of product that the customer wants to produce. Most companies offer any time training services which serve as a top up on knowledge with anything related to the workings or maintenance of the machine.

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