Static or Mobile block making machines?

Posted On: August 24, 2022

If you are thinking of getting into the block making market, you will learn, or already know that you have two options. There are static block making machines, and there are mobile block making machines. But what’s the difference?


Static Block Making Machines

Bricks/blocks are produced in a fixed location on to boards or pallets which is normally transported through a conveyor belt. By altering the mould, a static machine may make various kinds of hollow bricks, solid bricks, and paving bricks. In addition to this, the automatic machine can also make curbstone.


Mobile Block Making Machine
With a mobile block making machine, the blocks are produced directly on to a flat surface. The machine is on wheels which travel across the flat plot of ground, producing blocks in single rows. The raw material is fed into the top of the machine through the hopper, which is fed down and compacted within the mould. This type of production machine is called a “egg laying block making machine.” The moving egg laying block making machine can produce different types of hollow bricks and solid bricks by changing the mould.


Which is better?
With this, there really is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’. It all comes down to production needs. Some manufacturers require a large amount of a certain product whether it be the standard building block, or a smaller paving product. Static machines tend to cost considerably more however with the static line, there can be a larger, more diverse range of products, all produced in doors. However, in terms of common building blocks, the production output can be matched with a mobile block machine with a much smaller investment.

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